The Rule form: Users and Groups

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1. User Ids

A comma-separated list of user IDs that will make this rule SUCCEED. If you click on Select, you get a pop-up window of users to search/browse, then you can click to add any user to the User IDs box.

2. Groups & User Group(s)

Which groups of users should this rule apply to? This is a quick way to show a template to only logged-in users or only non-logged-in users.

Options: All | All logged in | all non-logged in | Selected groups | Non-selected groups

If you choose “Selected groups” or “Non-selected groups” then the User Group(s) box becomes editable, and you can choose one or more groups to include/exclude.

Don’t forget that all controls in a rule have to succeed (or be set to Ignore) in order for the entire rule to succeed. If you want all Author users, plus a selected user to get a certain template, then create one rule for the selected user, and one rule for the user group.

In the example above, the rule will SUCCEED for all users except for those in Shop Suppliers and Customer Group.

Last Updated on Monday, 06 October 2014 04:13