Chameleon Flow Diagram

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The following diagram illustrates how Chameleon evaluates the rules in the Rule Chain, and uses it to perform actions.



  • Processing of the rule chain commences when a page request is received by Joomla. It is triggered by the “onAfterInitialise” event, which is the first opportunity that any plugin has to intercept processing in Joomla.
  • The SUCCEED and FAIL actions can perform some additional actions, not shown above:
    • Set the default menu item in Joomla (i.e. the menu item that will display when no particular page has been requested, which is the front page of the site).
    • Disable selected menus, menu items or plugins, so that they won't appear/execute on the site for this page load
    • Set session and cookie variables as the result of a rule
    • Perform dynamic search-replace on the page HTML
    • Set page title/keywords/meta-description
    • Perform language-based redirection (e.g. redirect to French version of the current page)
    • Execute some PHP code
  • “END” as shown above indicates that normal Joomla page processing continues at that point, i.e. the chosen template is parsed, content is gathered from the main component, modules are added, and further plugins are run.
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