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Nov 16

MetaMod Pro 2.6 Released

Posted by: metamodguy

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A compatibility release of MetaMod Pro was released today, 15 November 2010.

All MetaMod Pro customers are recommended to go to their My Account page on, view their completed order, and download the new version.

This release simply adds compatibility with JoomlArt’s T3v2 template framework. Previous to this release, both MetaMod Pro and the T3v2 framework both independently tried to override a core Joomla file in order to provide additional functionality.

MetaMod Pro,’s Advanced Module Manager and JoomlArt’s T3v2 template framework now all share the same base code in the revamped module helper class, then extend this by using plugins to add their own functionality.

I think we’re all looking forward to the day when Joomla will natively allow plugins into the module mechanism, so we don’t have to do the overrides in this way.

Meanwhile, thanks to Peter van Westen from, and the great guys from JoomlArt for their help in making this happen. It’s great working with you.

Anyone using MetaMod Pro along with Advanced Module Manager and/or any T3v2 templates should install the latest upgrades from and to maintain compatibility.


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