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This forum is simply here for spambots to post their stuff. It's easer to get rid of this way...

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News and information about new releases or site changes.

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Major new release of Chameleon: v2.33 for Joomla 2.5-3.1 Key features: [ul][li]K2 Support. This is huge for K2 users. You can detect the following elements of K2 pages and use them to trigger your rules: • page type • individual items by ID... Chameleon 2.33 Released: Major New Features
05-Aug-13 06:22:56
Last post by: metamodguy
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Can't get MetaMod to work properly, or need some help with your PHP recipe? Post here.

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Hi, check out the FAQs: http://www.metamodpro.com/metamod/faq Basically you can solve this easily with MetaMod Pro. There are some other possible solutions but the Pro solution is by far the easiest and most elegant. Cheers, Stephen Issue with module only on the home page
27-Mar-15 22:44:21
Last post by: metamodguy
What would you like to see added to MetaMod?

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Chameleon 2.46 for Joomla 3.4 is now released. I'm thinking about the other things you mentioned too... thanks for keeping on top of these. Best regards, Stephen ETA for J 3.4 release?
19-Mar-15 04:22:51
Last post by: metamodguy
Share your favourite MetaMod recipes and techniques here - good ones may get put into the official Recipes section!

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Media queries have direct access to various media capabilities. JS has the same access, I think. Both CSS and JS are client-side however, so if you need the server to act on them then you need a way for the client to communicate back to the... Screen size / resolution option
22-Sep-14 20:04:50
Last post by: metamodguy
Found a bug in MetaMod? Share it here.

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Hi, as I have been unable to replicate the problems, I'm putting this issue to the side right now until you're able to provide more info. All the best with your site in the meantime. Best regards, Stephen Start and End Date Chnges on Save
04-Mar-15 00:47:40
Last post by: metamodguy
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Discussions and support for Chameleon

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Hi Rowby, Joomla can't create those URLs for you - you need to do that with Joomla's built-in SEF or a 3rd party SEF extension. Why can't you just create a menu (not necessarily the main menu) and create 3 category pages with... Virtual URLS based on category
27-Mar-15 22:48:32
Last post by: metamodguy
Discussions and support for ChameleonLite (free version)

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instal a chameleon-lite-1-19.zip no Warning! thank you! Warning: date_create()
24-Nov-12 16:11:01
Last post by: FantasyDD

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