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This forum is simply here for spambots to post their stuff. It's easer to get rid of this way...

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News and information about new releases or site changes.

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Major new release of Chameleon: v2.33 for Joomla 2.5-3.1 Key features: [ul][li]K2 Support. This is huge for K2 users. You can detect the following elements of K2 pages and use them to trigger your rules: • page type • individual items by ID... Chameleon 2.33 Released: Major New Features
05-Aug-13 06:22:56
Last post by: metamodguy
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Can't get MetaMod to work properly, or need some help with your PHP recipe? Post here.

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Hi, I want to display modules only in item in category not in category. (K2) Im trying this: [code] if ( $option == "com_k2" and $view == "itemlist" and (JRequest::getVar('layout') ==... Showing on articles not in category K2
Today 07:24:40
Last post by: kowczarek
What would you like to see added to MetaMod?

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Hi, I'm working on the MaxMind support in Chameleon and MetaMod. First priority is GeoIPv2 support in Chameleon, then this code will also go into MetaMod. I hope that IPv6 support will then be a very easy addition to both as it's using... IPv6 Support needed
11-Jun-14 05:18:47
Last post by: metamodguy
Share your favourite MetaMod recipes and techniques here - good ones may get put into the official Recipes section!

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We wanted to show a module that showed a chat icon [ul]only on certain virtuemart page types[/ul] [ul]only mon-fri between 8am and 4 pm[/ul] The following seems to be working. I'd appreciate any comments/improvements. This was on a... show chat module mon-fri 8am-4pm only on certain virtuemart page types
26-Apr-14 05:36:48
Last post by: cmendla
Found a bug in MetaMod? Share it here.

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Ok, so you were just trying to replace the ENTIRE menu with another menu. I'm positive that this will be a CSS issue to do with the free version of MetaMod. Take a look in the FAQs regarding spacing/CSS issues. There are some techniques in... Doesn't work with maximenu ck
26-Sep-13 13:00:56
Last post by: metamodguy
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All support requests, queries, bug reports and feature requests for MetaMod Pro.

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Thank you :) Upgraded to Joomla 3.3.3 and how have hr's
Today 10:01:56
Last post by: Buzz50
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Discussions and support for Chameleon

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Hi mehul, Reorder the "System - FaLang Database Driver" plugin to be first in the list of system plugins and that should solve it. Cheers, Stephen Where i can find code for load menu in chameleon?
Yesterday 22:37:57
Last post by: metamodguy
Discussions and support for ChameleonLite (free version)

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instal a chameleon-lite-1-19.zip no Warning! thank you! Warning: date_create()
24-Nov-12 16:11:01
Last post by: FantasyDD

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