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This forum is simply here for spambots to post their stuff. It's easer to get rid of this way...

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News and information about new releases or site changes.

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[size=14]Key new feature: Dynamic User Groups.[/size] I'm often asked if Chameleon can control some aspect of a 3rd-party component, e.g. restricting downloads in a download component, or certain item types in Zoo or SOBI2 etc. Sometimes... Chameleon 2.59: Dynamic User Groups
09-Jun-16 03:23:54
Last post by: metamodguy
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Can't get MetaMod to work properly, or need some help with your PHP recipe? Post here.

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Hi Stephen any news on the version supporting IPv6? Thanks for your support IPV6 addresses
21-Oct-16 12:02:41
Last post by: nick2011
What would you like to see added to MetaMod?

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Hi thepiston, I agree this is an important feature and would be very useful. Can you point me to any more information about the download id field and how that works with the update version system in Joomla? Thanks Stephen update via Joomla update system?
14-Oct-16 20:35:23
Last post by: metamodguy
Share your favourite MetaMod recipes and techniques here - good ones may get put into the official Recipes section!

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Hi ehcanada, sorry for the delay in my response - I have been overseas for a few weeks. I've just installed the latest version of SobiPro in order to test this out. With the test data, I set up a menu link to Category:Communications.... hide on sp entry pages
14-Oct-16 21:01:13
Last post by: metamodguy
Found a bug in MetaMod? Share it here.

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Answered this on a different forum post: should now be fixed in MetaMod Pro v3.25 Conflict with Gauntry 5 on Rocket theme templates
11-Mar-16 03:46:56
Last post by: metamodguy
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Discussions and support for Chameleon

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Hi, recently, I bought Chameleon Pro... but I was wrong. Initially I wanted to buy MetaMod Pro. How to uninstall Chameleon Pro? How to uninstall Chameleon Pro?
20-Oct-16 13:36:02
Last post by: laps
Discussions and support for ChameleonLite (free version)

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instal a chameleon-lite-1-19.zip no Warning! thank you! Warning: date_create()
24-Nov-12 16:11:01
Last post by: FantasyDD
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All support requests and queries for the Joomla "EnableContentLanguages" plugin

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[url=http://www.storeboard.com/attractionmethods]dating advice[/url] Dating Advice
18-Oct-16 06:45:36
Last post by: attractionm9

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